Shanika Varga

President, Director of Leeds Law Society and Partner at Stowe Family Law LLP

I am a Partner at Stowe Family Law LLP and I specialise in private family law. I help navigate my clients through the divorce process and the financial consequences of their marriage breaking down. I also represent clients in complicated child proceedings such a relocation cases, allegations of parental alienation, step parent adoptions, grandparent cases and cases where there are sensitive elements such as religion, disability, sexuality etc. I also represent clients in cases involving allegations of domestic abuse. My days vary from the day to day running of cases to advocating in court.

In the past few years I have assisted with the organisation of our Diversity and Inclusion Conference held jointly with The Law Society of England and Wales, hosted round table meetings with Lawcare and other wellbeing practitioners and organised a three part advocacy course with one of our local Judges.

I also carry out a significant amount of work with the Family Court. I am part of the West Yorkshire Family Justice Board, have run several family law consultations, hold regular training events and I am in the process of arranging regular round table meetings to ensure the feedback given to the FJB is an accurate representation of our membership.

Over the next year I will focus on improving the visibility of diverse role models in the profession, continuing to strengthen the relationship and communication between the family court and practitioners and increasing our membership and engagement.