Corporate Membership

We constantly strive to find new ways to meet our members needs and work to remain ahead of the curve to ensure that we continue to influence the changing landscape of the law.

The Leeds Law Society is your gateway to influencing national policy and opinion and, most importantly, ensuring your voice is heard. From the national Law Society and the SRA to politicians and key opinion formers, the Leeds Law Society is welcomed, respected and understood.

Under this category of membership, every qualified solicitor and trainee solicitor within a firm has access to our diverse range of services and benefits at rates affording significant savings over paying for individual members.

Corporate subscription fees are based on the number of qualified solicitors at your firm.

For further details on current discounts and a cost for Corporate Membership or in-house membership please e-mail or call us on 0113 245 4997

Number of Solicitors Subscription per additional member

First Column Text Second Column Text
1-20 £35.00
21 – 40 £30.00
41-60 £25.00
61- 80 £20.00
81 to 100 £15.00
101 to 120 £10.00
121 to 140 £5.00
160+ Free

Leeds Law Society is committed to increasing communication with its members and between law firms, and increasing the degree of collaboration between firms in raising the profile of Leeds and the Centre of Legal Excellence outside London.

Part of that depends on maintaining and increasing our membership numbers and we hope that our new revised fee structure (which is generally a reduction of rates) will be seen by you as a positive and bold step.

We continue to strive to prove more relevant events, increased opportunities to liaise and meet regulatory bodies, Courts and Judges, local authorities and MPs, as well as putting on significant events such the Millennial Project, Women in Law, and the Leeds Conference.

Your support and participation is essential and if you have any questions, concerns or would simply like to invite a director to tell your staff more about the benefits of being a member of LLS then please get in touch.