The aim of the Court Liaison Group (CLG) is to communication between the Judiciary and the Court Service (though feedback) and the practitioners (solicitors and barristers) who use the Leeds Courts. The CLG is designed to facilitate a constructive dialogue and to help ensure that Leeds is regarded as a good place to issue proceedings (due to efficiencies and ease of access).

The CLG covers all aspects of Civil and Commercial Litigation (the focus mainly being on matters connected with the Business and Property Courts in Leeds, including County Court matters). It specifically does not include Family Law and TCC matters, which have separate user groups.

The meetings are an opportunity for issues to be aired that affect the operation of the Court and the practitioners who use the Court. A broad range of topics are discussed. Occasionally members of the Judiciary or Court Service are asked to attend the meetings but usually it is just the practitioners, with discussions taking place under Chatham House Rules, unless it is appropriate for specific issues to be reported on a named basis.

The CLG meets three or four times a year. Where possible we offer a hybrid option for the meetings to make them more accessible but we do encourage personal attendance. An agenda is prepared before each meeting, which is circulated to attendees in advance. Matters are discussed and agreement reached at the end of each meeting which points should be taken to the Judiciary, the Court Service or to other practitioners by way of survey or otherwise. 

Members might also be contacted by email and asked to collate feedback from colleagues or to circulate information that the Judiciary and/or Court Service have asked is publicised amongst practitioners using the Leeds Court. This information will also be available via the Leeds Law Society website and links will be provided where appropriate.

From time-to-time members of the CLG might be asked to comment on consultations issued by for example the MOJ, Law Society or SRA. Leeds Law Society also have strong connections with the Yorkshire Union of Law Societies and the law societies of Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool if a broader reach is required.  

Members of Leeds Law Society and barristers who practice in Leeds (including members of the Yorkshire Union of Law Societies) are invited to get in contact if they are interested in joining the CLG or finding out more about membership.  Please contact Sue Harris ( and Catherine Woodward (