Guide to the Business and Property Courts in Leeds

Leeds Law Society, in conjunction with Thomson Reuters (who very kindly sponsored the design and production) and judges in the B&PCs in Leeds, is pleased to announce the launch of a Guide to the Business and Property Courts in Leeds.

The Guide includes:

1. A foreword by Sir Geoffrey Vos, Mr Justice Barling and Mr Justice Males;
2. Information on the background to the B&PCs, and answers to some frequently asked questions;
3. Information about Leeds and Yorkshire;
4. Judicial profiles and court contact information; and
5. Appendices including the Practice Direction for the B&PCs, Advisory Note to the B&PCs, Leeds Guidance on Orders in the B&PCs and a practice note prepared by Thomson Reuters.

The Guide will be updated periodically as required going forward and will also be maintained on the Leeds Law Society website on the Court Notice Board section for the B&PCs.

As you may already be aware, Leeds Law Society endeavours to support the Court and the BPCs in Leeds wherever possible. In addition to maintaining the B&PCs Guide, we also update our Court Notice Board with information on hear-by dates and Court pilots being launched in Leeds. Please make sure you check the Court Notice Board regularly, in addition to keeping an eye out for our email updates.