Help for people facing court without a lawyer

Personal Support Unit Leeds (PSU) is a branch of a national charity which won the Guardian Charity award 2014. We have a team of volunteers based in Leeds Combined Court who provide free support in the civil and family courts, with issues such as access to children, divorce, eviction and money claims.

 PSU volunteers can……

  • listen, and provide information and support
  • help find out if clients can get free legal advice
  • discuss settling issues without going to court
  • explain how the court works
  • help with court forms and organise court papers
  • help people to plan what they want to say in court
  • accompany people in court, take notes and help afterwards
  • provide details of other specialist agencies

Please note that we cannot give legal advice

              The service is free, impartial and confidential

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Personal Support Unit is part of the Litigant in Person Support Strategy

To learn more about PSU Leeds or make an enquiry please do not hesitate to get in touch with Hayley at: