New Training Regulations for Solicitors from 1 November 2016

New SRA Competency Approach

From 1 April 2015, the SRA’s traditional requirement that solicitors must obtain at least 16 hours Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points every year was replaced by a new approach called the SRA Competency Approach.

This has to be adopted by all solicitors from 1 November 2016.

Summary of New Approach

To achieve SRA competency (which must be declared on an annual basis before a practising certificate can be awarded) the new approach requires:

  • A solicitor to reflect on their practice; and
  • Undertake regular learning and development so that their skills and knowledge remain up to date.

However the new approach is not prescriptive as to how this is to be done. Although the SRA no longer mandates the manner in which competency is achieved and recorded, a solicitor needs to be able to demonstrate (and record) their continuing professional development themselves.

The SRA recognises that competency can be achieved through formal training and more informal, on-the-job learning, so it is possible through a combination of attending and delivering formal training and learning-through-doing, a solicitor can achieve SRA competency.

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