Leeds Law Society Education Week

Find out more about our Education week with our Charity partner for 2022, Ahead Partnership

As Leeds Law Society’s President’s chosen charity for 2021-22, Ahead Partnership is inviting law firms from across Leeds to take part in a week of activity with local primary schools to help young people understand the variety of roles within the sector, meet role models from law and develop key skills for employment.

Leeds Law Society Education Week will take place 6 – 10 June 2022 delivering an exciting series of World of Work days that firms can sponsor and take part in.

There are opportunities for everyone to support this programme by sponsoring and taking part in the World of Work Days. Your involvement will help young people in a really practical way and help them to envision a more positive future.

All the activities in the programme are organised by Ahead Partnership with support and resources that help your colleagues get involved quickly and safely.

Why get involved?

Promote careers in law
You’ll profile the diverse range of roles and study pathways in the law sector, sharing your own career journeys and broadening young people’s minds to the possibilities available to them in your sector.

Improve diversity
Your colleagues will help the city’s young people meet real working people from a range of backgrounds, allowing them to more easily see their place in the law/professional sectors.

Encourage social mobility
World of Work Days are designed to help young people with little/no experience of professional services to achieve their aspirations and perhaps consider a career in law for the very first time.

How does it work?
There are opportunities for everyone to get involved regardless of the size of organisation.
We encourage firms to sponsor their own World of Work Day in a school in Leeds for their colleagues to take part in, but individual places on World of Work Days are also available.
Contact Ahead Partnership to find out more.

When you sign up:

• Ahead Partnership arrange your World of Work Day with a local primary school
• Your colleague volunteers will be fully briefed to take part
• All resources are provided for your volunteers and the teacher to lead the day
• A member of the Ahead Partnership team is on hand for any questions.