My legal directory submissions are complete : what now?

A round-up of some post- legal directory submission quick wins and other ways to leverage your content from our Partners at Consortium More than Marketing

Many of you will have been working hard to get your submissions in to the Legal Directories over the last few weeks as with the first set of deadlines last week. Don’t forget to maximise all the effort that’s gone into putting them together by leveraging both the content and the opportunity to talk to your clients and contacts.
Let’s start off with six quick win ideas that you can action whilst your directory submissions are still hot off the press:

1) Review of the year
Use your submission to put together a “review of the year” showcasing new clients, new team members and stand out deals. This will be great as content for your next newsletter out to contacts and clients, as a presentation at your next team get together or for use in your recruitment process to give prospective candidates a snapshot of your firm.

2) Go social
Provided the information is publishable, task your fee earners with updating their linked in profiles or biographies with some highlights from the submissions. Social media algorithms, particularly on platforms such as LinkedIn favour fresh content and updates to your profile information. It’s a quick and easy win.

3) Get connected
Have a look at your referee list and check to make sure you are connected to them all on Linked In – there may be some you’ve missed. Staying connected beyond the timeline of a particular deal or case is key to forming relationships that last. Simple!

4) Organise a coffee
You’ve written to clients and referrers asking if they will be a referee – now you’ve started a dialogue use it as an opportunity to reconnect, catch up over coffee or beer or invite them to a networking event!

5) Write a Case Study
You’ll have asked your clients and contacts for permission to use them as a referee and you’ve written a lovely summary of a transaction or piece of work you’ve done for them. Marry the two up and make it a case study to share on your website, in pitch documents and in your social media posts.

6) Enter some awards!
Can you use your content as the basis for an awards submission? Have a quick check on what’s in your geographical or practice would be a shame not to use the content after all. If you want a heads up on some of the more popular legal awards have a look at our list here.

There are countless benefits to both submitting and being listed in the legal directories. Don’t forget the quick wins that will give you a boost immediately post-submission. There are also some longer- term tactics you can employ to really make use of all your content. Here are some ideas:

Update your website
Does the content of your submission sync with what’s on your website? Are your team details up to date, are your recent cases, clients accreditations, awards you’ve won ..listed on your site? Take this information and use the opportunity for a refresh of your site.

Refresh your strategy
Have a look at your business and marketing strategy – does your submission change anything, reinforce it, tell you that you need to change it? You might want to base any future strategies on the content the directories are asking for (work you have and are undertaking, core sectors & specialisms, challenges and problems you are overcoming for clients, case studies, testimonials etc. ) And if you haven’t got a current strategy, head here for some extra tips.

Evaluate Your Position in The Market
Putting together the submission means you’ll have looked at which other firms are ranked where you’d like to be. Why not go a step further? The process is a good opportunity to take a look at the wider market and see how your firm sits in the competitor landscape. This allows you to think strategically for the future and identify any possible areas for development.

If you’d like some help leveraging the content from your legal directory submissions, do reach out to the team at Consortium for help.