The Solicitors’ Charity partners with Pennysmart, the Money Advice Specialists, for Solicitors in Need. 

  • The Solicitors’ Charity is now able to offer more support to solicitors struggling with low income, financial hardship or problem debt. 
  • Clients can get access to free budgeting, benefits and regulated debt advice. 
  • On-going support with achieving financial goals now offered through dedicated caseworkers. 

The Solicitors’ Charity is pleased to announce a significant expansion in its support initiatives for solicitors with the introduction of an impactful partnership with Pennysmart.  

This collaboration extends the charity’s current offering, giving solicitors the unique advantage of ongoing expert caseworker support from Pennysmart. This represents a substantial enhancement in the charity’s ability to provide tailored and continuous assistance, ensuring solicitors have a dedicated resource to effectively manage their finances over the long term. 

Pennysmart provides free-to-client, impartial, confidential money, and debt advice either by telephone and/or digitally, dependent on the client’s needs. 

In addition to its new financial support partnership, The Solicitors’ Charity continues to provide a multifaceted range of support, addressing various aspects of solicitors’ well-being, professional development, and personal challenges. 

The Solicitors’ Charity’s CEO, Nick Gallagher said: “I’m pleased to be able to provide solicitors with an additional level of support through Pennysmart. This collaboration will serve as a lifeline for numerous solicitors seeking financial guidance, offering them the tools to regain control of their finances. Pennysmart is not only offering expertise on a range of financial topics, it is also providing one to one support to assist clients in achieving their money management goals. Implementing a plan can be easier when that support is in place and someone is in your corner.” 

This strategic partnership is great news for the legal profession, offering solicitors throughout England and Wales access to a comprehensive range of financial support and expert debt advice. 

Jayne Bellis, CEO of Pennysmart, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with The Solicitors’ Charity, stating: “We are delighted to partner with The Solicitors’ Charity to extend our services to solicitors in need. Our advisory services aim to empower clients in achieving financial resilience by optimising income, minimising expenses, and navigating debt-related challenges through access to effective debt solutions.” 

If you, or a solicitor you know, needs support, get in touch with The Solicitors’ Charity today. Find out more about the charity by visiting